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AG-Flight Pilot Training, LLC. is committed to the highest quality training and instruction in agricultural aviation. We are located in the heart of an agricultural community in Bainbridge, Georgia and boast one of the best training courses in the industry. With approximately 1800 pilots trained, AG-Flight has the experience and dedication to ensure that you receive all of the training and flight hours that you need.


AG-Flight Pilot Training, LLC is one of the oldest and most well-established AG pilot training programs in the United States. Since before its incorporation in 1983, founder and owner, William “Billy” Howell has trained virtually half the number of active AG aviators that are employed in the industry today. As such, AG-Flight Pilot Training is known throughout North America as a leader in AG aviation training, and has trained flyers from all over the world.


AG-Flight is dedicated to training the next generation of AG aviators. As such, ALL of our training, from zero-timers to experienced aviators, is geared toward mastery of tailwheel flying, specifically as it pertains to aerial application. Each stage of our general aviation training will prepare the student to advance into the Aerial Applicators Course. We utilize all available school resources to educate our pilots in the various aspects of tailwheel aircraft and progressively, aerial application and its associated systems.It is our mission, intent, and purpose that our students will, upon graduation, meet the necessary standards to begin a career in AG aviation.


Safety above all else! Due to the diverse types of working spray-planes, AG-Flight possesses numerous variations of tailwheel aircraft. Students are required to demonstrate proficiency in each of them. This enables them to become not only proficient in general tailwheel aircraft operation, it enhances their confidence and skill in flying; thus, preparing them for the workforce upon graduation. Moreover, special emphasis is placed on broad situation awareness and safe, coordinated flight, utilizing appropriate control inputs at all times.


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